Elevated Snacks and a Rebrand

Elevated Snacks and a Rebrand

Stack's Snack: Gets an Air Fryer Becomes a Fancy Snack Gal

As stated in last the blog… I absolutely have to cool it with the cheese.

FRIENDS. I got an air fryer for Christmas (thank you to Massachusetts Santa). What an exciting time in the Goodwin household. Let me tell you - steelhead trout in the air fryer is THE MOVE.

Anywho, we have really elevated the snack game. On today’s episode of what’s Katie snackin’ on… sweet potato fries in the air frier. Cut up those potatoes real thin, spice the heck out of them, and get yourself a good dip! Today we are featuring Annette’s (hi mom!) fancy creamy horseradish dipping sauce.

Is this a food blog now?! Should I be taking photos of me eating these snacks?

On My Desk: It's a Love Theme!

THE quarterly card club. The very first quarterly card club just went out my friends! This quarter our theme is love (the Valentine’s Day Collection just dropped and you should also check that out). If you got a box - you have a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in there. How bout it!

Did ya miss it? Do you want to sign up? The next box is coming up in April. Just looking for one box to try it out? That is an option too. Select one time purchase instead of subscription while you are ordering :)


Quarterly Card Club shipment

Snackable Story: Cool Rebrand but Why?

Remember when I called my company Stack Creative? Me too. The change was only a few months ago. Stack - this part comes from my dad and calling me ‘Short Stack’ and Creative - this part comes from being creative. 10/10 explanation.

Popular question: Why did you change your name?

When I started the company I was doing freelance design work, logo design, product packaging, wedding invites, party/shower invites, greeting cards, custom stationery, pet illustrations, house illustrations… I mean really all the things…. Oh yeah, and I had a job. So this whole gig was a side hustle situation and I really didn’t have a main focus. It was more of a ‘I like shapes and colors and making things’ and the name fit for that.

When I got my big girl letterpress and a fresh set of rollers I realized - hey, I just like designing things I like and then printing them. I was ready to make the leap into Stack - the letterpress paper goods gal. 

In hindsight… yeah, you are right. That would have been an excellent time to change my name to Stack Paper Press. So why didn’t I? Well, rebranding takes a lot of time and effort and it’s scary to change your name. So, I waited until I really felt like I was in a good place to switch it up to Stack Paper Press. I’m kidding. I contemplated the idea. Kept postponing. Then I talked to my sister and said I wanted to do it and she said I should do it and so I did it….immediately. Sometimes you just need a push.

Moral of the story: do everything your big sister says. KIDDING.

Moral of the story: change is hard. Feeling stuck is harder. Just make the change and see what happens.

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Mother in law here, AKA Massachusetts Santa. Glad the air fryer is a hit and made your blog. Can’t wait to see what’s coming off the press next.


Hi! It’s me – big sister! Moral of the story is actually do everything your big sister says but it’s fine if you came to a different conclusion. I’d also like to taste test the sweet potato fries, please!


Hey Stack! Well, the Instant pot that you let me borrow worked great. Maybe I should test out that air fryer when you’re not using it just to see if we need to add yet another appliance to the kitchen. Dad would love that…LOL….. O and yes I agree with Rachel, big sisters do give good advice!


Love it. Change IS hard. Big sisters give good advice. And I would love to see pics of snacks. Maybe recipes in the future. 😜

Rachel Guild

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