Peerless Letterpress in a Basement

A Cheesy Story About a Basement Press

WHAT'S UP YOUTUBE?! I'm kidding. Welcome back to the blog that you never expected to be regularly following. 

Stack's Snack: Cheese and Crackers

Suggested by many readers - a classic cheese and crackers. I am a Wheat Thin fan or if you are an Aldi shopper... Thin Wheat fan. Where my Aldi shoppers at?! Cheese of choice: an obvious sharp white cheddar cheese. Rating: Would be better if there were salt crystals in my cheese. Would also be better if I cut a little more cheese. But I mean - it's cheese and crackers. It's delicious.

On my Desk: Hearts and More Hearts

New plates for Valentine's Day! Can you believe you thought I sucked when I mentioned the holidays before Halloween and now I'm talking Valentine's Day before Thanksgiving? A lot of very fun cards coming... including a stud finder card! Oh! AND! If you sign up for the Quarterly Card Club you will get some of these new cards in your first shipment out in January <--- what a plug!

Letterpress Plates

Snackable Story: Big Girl Press in the Basement

Here we go folks! It's a call back from Vol 1. Remember when I said there would be more on my obsessive search for a big girl press? The moment is here. I FOUND A BASEMENT PRESS. I was in Florida. We needed to go home. It was like Christmas morning! And the weather was really also selling 'Christmas morning'.

(oh hey look it's Vol 1 Colin strategizing how we were going to get the basement press out of said basement. Lol - who gets him into these messes. Also, can you imagine how wet his socks are in this moment?!) 

My Peerless press originally had a home in the Oak Park Printing Museum. When the museum closed the press was taken in by a life long printer. He was a collector of all sorts of things and his house was pretty incredible (especially if you love letterpress and trains)! His wish was that the press would find a home where it would get used. That was a promise I could definitely make! I. WAS. GIDDY.

So, we (mostly Vol 1 Colin) figured out a way to get it out of the basement and we called for help. I'm small. Did you think I was lifting that out of a basement?! Lol.

Any guesses on what we will talk about next? You know the drill. It's coming!

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