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Apples, Bats, and the World Traveling Press

Hi! Me again. So you are saying you don't mind poor grammar. I love it! Welcome to Vol 2 of Snackin' with Stack where I’m serving up snacks.. the eating kind and the story kind.

Stack’s Snack: Apples and Caramel

Just so you fully understand the snack - the apples are cut up and it's a little caramel dippy cup. I cannot risk breaking a tooth biting into an apple. I have fake teeth. Did I get hurt? No. I just had small teeth. Stop making it weird. 

I also do realize the snack suggested on instagram was peanut butter and apples... I certainly will get to that. Who can pass up a caramel dippy cup?!

On my Desk: Black Ink and Bats

We are printing up a storm today - black ink is on press. Hot off the press:

Did I run out of these and have to print this again super late in the season? Yes of course! It's cool. I'll learn some day.

Snackable Story: Pilot Press in Paradise

The year was 2021. The world was global pandemicing (not a real word but should be). It was very early March and Chicago was in its 100th month of cold. Husband Colin (from Vol 1) and I decided we needed to get outta dodge.

But what was a gal to do? I was just starting my letterpress business and I decided I needed to create a greeting card line using my letterpress. So, I again convinced Vol 1 Colin that we should just bring the press. We hoisted the Pilot Press back onto the truck and packed our things for a month. We headed twenty hours south for sunshine. The Pilot was becoming a world traveler. 

If you guessed Florida as the destination - you are very smart! Inspired by being able to feel my toes again and pond alligators I got going on the beginnings of the greeting card line. 

Here is a photo of me (not pictured) printing on a lanai - thanks in-laws! This is also when I learned this patio was called a lanai.

While soaking up the sun I built out a card line of things I liked, started my own website, and opened an Etsy storefront to sell my very limited collection. I got super lucky and got what I thought was a 'huge' order of teacher appreciation cards. And ya know what, for a tiny baby business it was a huge win! It gave me the confidence to keep going.

Stay tuned... I will in fact keep going. No surprises here, we have no schedule. Or maybe that means only surprises? You be the judge. 

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So sad the new (AKA, the very old) amazing press won’t fit in the back of the truck 🤣🤣.
Can’t wait to hear more about your journey.


I’m so excited you started this and can’t wait to hear more. 🥰😘

Janet W

That Colin sure is a keeper! Next summer, I vote bringing the traveling press to MA for a few weeks 😉

Jacqueline D

These are hilarious and love that I get to steal snack suggestions!


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